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English name: Yellow Shrimp

Scientific name:

Neocaridina heteropoda

var. yellow

OriginSelectively Bred

Size male/female: 1 inch / 1.2 in

Water temperature: 72 - 82 °F

Water Parameters: pH 6.5 - 7.5

Breeding Rate: Very High

Behaviour: non-agressive

Difficulty: easy

Water Parameters

The Yellow Shrimp can be housed in many different water parameters. I have kept them in a pH range from 6.0 to 8.0, soft and hard water, temperatures from 72F to 84F and in many different soils like ADA Aquasoil and normal gravel. It is common knowledge that, like its cousin the Red Cherry Shrimp, the Yellow Shrimp can live in almost any freshwater aquarium given that the tank is habitable and does not contain predators of course. The Yellow Shrimp is an extremely versitile and reproduction shrimp given that the water is clean and maintained properly.


The Yellow Shrimp is extremely prolific, meaning that they breed readily and virtually around the clock. A healthy colony will quickly multiply and females will be constantly pregnant. It is typically 30-45 days from pregnancy to hatching. The female carries over 25 eggs at adulthood. It is said that sometimes it seems that the Yellow Shrimp carries so many eggs it appears as if some will fall out. The best way to tell if a female is close to hatching her eggs is by the appearance of a set of eyes inside each egg. This is easy to spot and will let you know that hatching is literally days away.

 Another great way to tell is by the emergence of a new saddle when the female still has eggs. The emergence of the saddle is the indication that the female is prepared to have a new set of eggs and that the current eggs are close to hatching. 

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(20 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    thanks :)

    Posted by James Blanchard on 7th Mar 2016

    They were all bright and alive even tho fedex came later then normally do.

  • 5
    Yellow Shrimp

    Posted by Rick on 31st Jan 2015

    Arrived in great shape and are doing fine!. I will difinately purchase from this company again!

  • 5
    Bright, Solid Colors & Very Active

    Posted by Christine on 17th Jan 2015

    I ordered 10 of these Neon Yellows and received an extra one free, which included 1 large adult female, 2 adult males, and 8 juvies. The adult female has a very bright stripe down her back. The adult males do not, but this is typical of yellows that only the females exhibit the stripe. Only one of the female juvies did not have a stripe, which is fine because the stripe isn't mentioned in the description, so I assumed the stripes were a plus (higher grade)! They arrived on time with no DOA's. A week after acclimation, my large female became berried with a small batch of eggs that yielded 3 offspring. The next (and much larger) batch of eggs had a higher survival rate, and babies are swimming all over the tank. Two juvies I've received since then have become berried, so everyone is healthy and happy. My older babies from F1 generation are now starting to exhibit the stripe on their backs. Thank you, Alpha Pro Breeders, for this amazing experience and great-quality stock!

  • 5
    neon yellow shrimp

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2014

    Beautiful shrimp. All arrived happy and healthy. All were adults and most females are saddled so I except babies soon. Very nice bright yellow color.

  • 5
    Very perky after shipping!

    Posted by Ben Griffiths on 11th Mar 2014

    I tenatively ordered these little guys after deciding what I should get for my tank at work. I selected next day priority and was very pleased to have no casualties by the time they got to me 24 hours later. This was the first time that I've ever ordered shrimp online, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results!

    The shrimp are buzzing around my tank, happy as can be. I got 7 fully-grown adults, 3 juveniles, and a very little baby (Might have hatched two weeks ago judging by size). Their colors vary, but for the most part, they are a nice good hue of yellow. Hopefully, they'll brighten up as they get settled into their new home.

  • 5
    Gorgeous Yellow!

    Posted by Krystal Tyler on 1st Mar 2014

    I ordered ten of these little guys (and got 11), and they're gorgeous! I shipped Priority Overnight, and they arrived safe and sound! They even started mobbing a shrimp pellet I put in their acclimation bowl! It's been several days since they arrived, and they're doing great! At least one even has a saddle already!

    Thank you for the wonderful critters and service! I will definitely be ordering from you again!

  • 5
    vigorous feeders

    Posted by brandon on 4th Jan 2014

    I'm happy w my purchase. All survived freezing weather shipping and were feeding after one minute in new tank

  • 5
    Neon yellow

    Posted by John on 8th Nov 2013

    Super color and ready to go and light up the tank !
    Very pleased

  • 5
    Very homogenous size and health, both ideal

    Posted by Paul R on 5th Sep 2013

    My yellow shrimp were all nearly exactly the same age (juvenile) and health (excellent)! 100% survival rate. Excellent packaging and coloration. Can't wait until they're 6 months older and at full color. Ron was helpful in combining my shipping after a made a last minute addition. Thanks!