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English name: Yellow King Kong

Scientific Name
Caridina cantonensis var. "yellow King Kong"

Origin: Spontanious Mutation of cantonesis

Size male/female: 0.9 inch / 1.2 in

Water temperature: 68-78f

Water Parameters: Ph 5.5-7.2

Breeding Rate: Low

Behaviour: non-agressive

Difficulty: Moderate-Hard

Water Parameters

Where to begin, there are many claims to successful breeding in a variety of water parameters. Instead of listing the highs and lows I would rather outline several of the more frequent or reliable claims. Generally most people do not recommend keeping them in smaller tanks, at least 25 gallons is often recommended, the reason for this is the more volume of water the easier it is to maintain constant water parameters.Independent of the claims of what water parameters are best all sources recommend that whatever they are they remain constant, larger amounts of water are easier to maintain at a constant value and natural changes tend to occur less rapidly in larger bodies of water. Another common suggestion is going a little overboard on the filtration: sponge filters, aeration, HoB, Canister filters, ect. Usually more than one is used sometimes all are recommended, no matter how you achieve it, your water should be very clean, almost drinkable clean.


Kongs can be bred to Black King Kongs, Wine Reds, other Panda, Shadow Pandas, Blue Bolt, Mischling, CRS, CBS shrimp, they can also probably mix with other Caridina cantonensis but the results of such mixing (Tigers and Bees ect.) is not readily available. How you breed your Panda shrimp really should depend on your line and the breeder you are dealing with. The tendency of YKK shrimp to be more hardy than other variants of Taiwan bees also means that they can be bred to other Pandas with a much higher chance of success.

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    Posted by Krystal on 25th Mar 2017

    Absolutely gorgeous shrimp! I had high expectations given the picture above, and I was not disappointed! I'd wager these are brighter than the Neocaridina neon yellows. (I've never had APB's Yellow Neon 24s, so I can't compare with those.) The two adults I received definitely have a more solid/opaque yellow color than the neons; the two juvies are more translucent, but I expect they'll reach the same solid color as the adults.

    I highly recommend these shrimp, especially if you like yellow and/or brightly colored shrimp but already have neos in the tank.