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PH range 7.5-8

Hardness:5-15 Dkh

Temperature: 65-80F 

Life Span:   1.5-2 years   

Size:   .75-1 inch

Diet: Omnivore

Habitat:  Fully aquatic / Tidal  

The Red Spot Nerite or Neritina semiconic snail (also known as tire track nerite) has a range of names including Tiger and Tracked Nerite Snail. It is popular because of its size and ability to adapt a wide range of tanks and their inhabitants. In fact, some hobbyists enjoy putting them in tanks with some of the faster paced cichlids and do not have problem. Snails do better when placed in tanks that have been fully cycled and are free of ammonia and nitrites. This is partially because they are sensitive to these toxins and partially because they need an established tank to have enough algae and biofilm to feed off of. These snails will also crawl out of your tank and are considered a tidal species. You will want to check for them often and keep a close fitting lid on your tank to prevent them from escaping and drying out. These snails are popular in part because they will not dine on your live plants but instead love to be part of the clean-up crew. They will scavenge through fish waste, excess food, dead plant material and algae to glean nutrients. The Red Spot Nerite Snail will also eat algae wafers as well as shrimp pellets, sinking fish food and blanched veggies. Make sure they have calcium in their diet so their shells stay well-nourished. Many snails are asexual and will populate a tank quickly making it hard for the owner to find anything that can inhabit the tank with them. These snails require both a male and a female to mate and rarely do so in fresh water. Without brackish water any eggs laid will not hatch. If you’re looking for a snail that can’t overrun your tank this is the one for you. The Red Spot Nerite is a pretty passive snail that does well with a wide range of different livestock and plant life for roommates. They are entertaining to watch as they feed off of the algae in your tank. You will want to be careful because they may get wanderlust and escape, drying out and dying without water. Keep a lid on your tank and check for them often to prevent this from happening. As with all snails, Copper is lethal to the Red Spot Nerite Snail and your water should be tested for it. In addition to this treat your tank with caution as most medications will have copper in them as well.


(1 review) Write a Review

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    doing good

    Posted by Scott on 28th Jun 2017

    All snails arrived alive. After week one, I have one that is dead. The rest are eating algae. I should have ordered these a long time ago. Much better at algae control than mystery snails. I would order again.