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English name: Orange Pumpkin

Scientific Name
Neocaridina Heteropoda var. "Orange"

Origin: Selectively bred color mutation of Red Cherry Shrimp.

Size male/female: 0.8 inch / .9 in

Water temperature:68-78F

Water Parameters: pH 6.2 - 7.8

Breeding Rate: High

Behaviour: non-agressive

Difficulty: Easy

These Pumkins are one of the great new Neocaridina species on the market. Very beautiful shrimp and quite prolific breeders. 

Water Parameters

Generally, almost any habitable tank will suit these shrimp, I personally keep them with OEBTs in a tank that is about 72 degrees with very soft water and a PH of 6.6, I have a friend who keeps them with Cardinal Shrimp at a ph of 8.2 and about 82 degrees and very hard water. They are a versatile and hardy species who can be kept with minimal care. In sub-tropical and tropical areas it is possible to keep them in well established, naturally filtered ponds, provided the water doesn't exceed 85 degrees for extended periods.


About as "plug and play" as shrimp breeding gets, they breed in most water conditions and do so frequently. Once Breeding age is reached a single sexed pair kept in stable water conditions without outside predation of the shrimp fry(babies) could realistically yield hundreds of shrimp within a years time given enough space and food. When purchasing these shrimp for breeding it is wise to purchase at least 8-10 at a time to guarantee at least a couple pairs, additionally 1 shrimp per gallon to start(but at least 8) is a good rule if frequent breeding is desired.

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(13 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Cute and fast shipping

    Posted by Michelle Nguyen on 11th Jul 2017

    Ordered these for my friend's birthday because she loves shrimp! It was a great addition to her tank and they're so cute.

    Also fast and great service, I accidentally put the wrong address and emailed them about it. It was fixed the next morning! Thank you.

  • 5
    Great color and size

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Dec 2015

    Very active love the color.

  • 5
    Pumpkin shrimp

    Posted by DW on 15th Sep 2015

    Great color good-looking shrimp wish I'd ordered more.

    Thank you much.

  • 5
    out and about

    Posted by Cathy on 16th Aug 2014

    Shrimp drip acclimated to tank, within minutes were investigating new surroundings. I can watch them for hours. Thank you again Ron/Cameron for your patience with my order.

  • 4

    Posted by Paul Bruns on 10th Jun 2014

    The color of these really is outstanding. In my tank they look just about the same as in the picture above and you'll be surprised at how colorful they are.

    That said, for me there is something about orange shrimp that make them harder to keep than crystals or Tibees. As always Ron packaged them very well, but 1 arrived DOA and the rest did not look well (overnighted). After about 3 weeks I can't see more than 2 of them. This is my 3rd order of Oranges and all 3 have died out while I've never had a problem with any other color/species.

  • 4
    Nice Shrimp!

    Posted by Matthew on 12th Apr 2014

    I ordered 10 pumpkin shrimp and had them shipped over night for a morning delivery. I got the delivery notification at 10:19a on 4/8/14 and was drip acclimating them by 10:55a. They are packaged and wrapped up with insulation well, however it had gotten down in the lower 40s here that night and the water temp inside the bag was in the mid 50s. I brought the temp up slowly over the course of several of hours. One shirmp seemed weak.
    It's now 4 days on and 1 has died during a molt, I suspect it was the weak one. Several others have molted and everything seems to be going well.
    Great experience with APB! Thank You

  • 5
    Beautiful Pumpkin Shrimp

    Posted by Esther on 2nd Jan 2014

    I received 10 pumpkin shrimp and got 1 freebie and I am so happy with this purchase! They look exactly like the photo shown. The color is just beautiful and very vibrant. They look like little tangerine sunbursts walking around the tank. Ron carefully packed the shrimp considering the frigid weather that we are having in Chicago (the package was heavily insulated and had a heat pack to help the shrimp feel as comfortable as they could). Nine out of 11 survived (one arrived dead and the other one died a day later in the tank, due to stress). Those that survived are doing extremely well (active, healthy and happy). Thanks, Ron, for consistently providing awesome quality shrimp to your customers.

  • 5
    Fantastic Service and Great Pumpkins!!

    Posted by Bill on 16th Sep 2013

    I received the order and am very pleased. First great experience using the website and planet inverts for info. Second rapid emails about my order and its shipping. The shrimp came well packaged, very secure. I appreciate the handwritten note of thanks on my receipt and the addition of 2 extra shrimp for free. The shrimp themselves appear very healthy and active. They are much larger than I thought I would get, like adult sized. Really nice colr! I am very pleased and will buy other products from you. Great job and thank you!

  • 5
    Thanks Alpha Pro!

    Posted by Stephen, Mill Creek, Utah on 10th May 2013

    Got 20 of the Pumpkin Shrimp. All arrive healthy and vibrant. The packaging was realy professional. I will continue purchasing from Alpha Pro. I highly reccomend these guys!