Shirakura Ebi Dama Special 30 grams

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Shirakura Ebi Dama Special
Basic feed for shrimps  30 grams

Shirakura Ebi Dama Special - Basic feed for shrimps and crayfish is a herbal product. It is high in amino acids, natural vitamins and minerals, for health, growth, colourfulness and good reproduction of the animals.

Contrary to regular Ebi Dama, Ebi Dama Special also contains wild cabbage, several types of sea algae and is particularly high in calcium.

Main ingredients
Kale, various kinds of seaweed, spirulina, chlorella, natural vitamins and minerals, calcium enriched.

Shrimps are omnivores and as such they also need animal proteins, which they usually find in mostly invisible microorganisms and microbes in the substrate. In order to grant a sufficient supplies of such microbes, Takayuki Shirakura developed the rearing feed » Chi Ebi, which serves as a nutrition basis not only for baby shrimps but also for microorganisms and thus support a healthy development of the population. These little helpers furthermore dispose of feed residues and excrements of the shrimps which lie deeper down the substrate and thus clean the substrate. If feed residues and excrements are not removed, shrimps may die from the evolving poisonous substances. Baby shrimps are particularly at risk. This is the reason why Ebi Dama Special feed by Shirakura has a very firm consistency. It will not fall apart during feeding and sink down to the floor unused.

In relatively newly set-up aquariums in which the substrate is not yet sufficiently active, it is recommended to add high-quality feed, for example artemia, once a week. However, it is also recommended to use » Chi Ebi - rearing feed from the very beginning since it significantly accelerates the genesis of the important microorganisms and microbes.


Feed Ebi Dama Special twice a day in small amounts, but only as much as the shrimps can eat within one or two hours. If all shrimps are full, feed leftovers should as a principle be removed from the aquarium.


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Amazing food

    Posted by Carol T on 28th Apr 2015

    My shrimp usually get Ken's Veggie+Calcium or Spirulina pellets, but when I dropped one small wafer of this food in the tank, they came running! Definitely something I will buy again, and I'll try other Shirakura foods as well.

  • 5
    Shrimp jumped all over this food!

    Posted by CT on 27th Apr 2015

    I usually feed my shrimp Ken's Veggie + Calcium or Spirulina pellets, but THIS food they jumped all over! Only moments after dropping in a single small wafer, the shrimp were feasting on it. Glad to see they liked it - I want to offer a variety of foods for their health, but if they don't eat it, it does no good. I'll most likely be ordering more Mosura foods in the near future.

  • 5
    Shrimp Favorite

    Posted by Sean on 27th Jun 2013

    I continue to try new specialty foods for my shrimp and endler tanks. This one remains their favorite. I particularly like that it does not disolve too quickly.

  • 5
    Now I know how make shrimp fight.

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2012

    I bought this food based on web reviews, and I have to say they were correct. I have never seen my shrimp act aggressively, until I gave them a piece of Ebi Dama Shirakura. Soon 3 of my shrimp were fighting over it, the smaller 2 trying to steal it from the largest of the 3, including tug or war and a couple of girly looking "fist" fights. So yes dwarf shrimp appear to love this food, just make sure there is enough for everyone!