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Procambarus Marmorkrebs self cloning Cray

Max body size: 8cm Keeping: You can keep 3 + young ones in an 10 gallon aquarium. Bigger tanks allow for a greater number of individuals. A wide range of pH and GH is possible as long as one avoids the extremes. Extremely tolerant to a wide range of water conditions and quality. You can literally breed them in plastic buckets.
Behaviour: like most crayfish these are omnivorous and will eat your plants .Intra-species aggression is not big, one can even raise most of the young ones in the adults' tank. How to tell apart males from females: No males there. Breeding: as usual. Except that there is no mating and eggs are diploid from the begin. They probably do parthogenesis. . spread: most common
remark: Can multiply extremely quick. Breed early and often, no males needed, huge number of eggs. Little cannibalism. As they do basically cloning they all look exactly alike, with each dot in the exact same place. These range from light brown to blue with usually showing the bluer color during breeding.

These are babies   2 for $19.99 Now on sale!!!!!!!!


(6 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Alberto Mala on 21st Oct 2015

    Ordered this product with high expectations, and they exceeded it. All 4 of the Marmorkrebs arrived quickly and healthily.

    Packaging was great and the execution of delivery (although stalled a bit . . . due to no one being home at the time . . . literally missed them by 5 minutes) was pretty okay.

    Despite the minor delivery issues, the crayfish are all active with a little bit of (oddly enough) unique-ness to set them apart.

  • 4

    Posted by Keith on 1st Jun 2015

    I must of miss understood the title of my purchase because I was expecting two large marmorkrebs and the rest small. I'm happy all arrived alive and I got one extra for free. I will be looking to purchase more later. Great deal!

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    Efficient delivery of healthy stock

    Posted by Chris on 21st Mar 2015

    My Procambarus sp. "Marmorkrebs" arrived quickly after order placement. Today, 6 days after ordering & 4 days from receipt, my diminutive decapods are vigorous, attractive specimens. I will definitely be a return customer.

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    Got Big

    Posted by luke on 29th Jul 2013

    Mine haven't cloned yet and I've had them for a couple months! Full grown and I'm waiting to have babies! Please help me out with tips! Comment please!
    (They will usually take more than a few months after you receive them to mature, I've found that 50% water changes will many times spur them on)

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    Posted by Shane on 12th Jun 2013

    All of them came alive and hardy, it's amazing! All 6 babies did great!

  • 5

    Posted by Luke on 30th May 2013

    Before ordering this I was worried they might come dead! But when I got them... 6 small little clear crayfish alive! I am putting 6 in a 18cm-30cm tank! Wish me luck!