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PH range 6.5-8 Hardness:5-15 Dkh Temperature: 65-80F  Life Span:   1.5-2 years    Size:   1 inch Diet: Omnivore Habitat:  Fully aquatic/Tidal

Nerite snails come from Indonesia and this particular variation is sought after for its olive color shell and algae eating abilities. They are a very hardy snail, able to adapt to both brackish water and fresh water. All snails need to be introduced to a tank that has been well established. Newer tanks have high levels of nitrites and ammonia that can quickly cause high mortality rates. Newer tanks also will lack the growth needed to feed your Olive Nerites. Once you have them in an established tank and offer then a varied diet your snails will thrive. The Olive Nerite is a snail that will quickly clean much of the algae and biofilm out of your tank. For this reason many hobbyists will recommend that you offer supplemental food in the form of algae wafers, shrimp pellets or specialized fish food. They will dine off of fish waste, dead plant life and algae and when they are done with that they will look around for something else. In addition to this food you will also want to feed your Olive Nerite Snails calcium supplements so that they have strong, correctly formed shells. It is rarely heard of to have the Olive Nerite Snails breed in freshwater and those that have been reported to lay eggs do not get them to hatch. They need brackish water for breeding conditions. With the many species of snails that can overrun a tank, many hobbyists choose nerites because of their inability to populate. These are not an aggressive snail and have a voracious appetite for algae. They are considered a tidal snail and because of this will sometimes escape your tank, especially if you don’t have a lid. Keep an eye on your Olive Nerite Snails so you can find them quickly if they get out of the tank. Often, placing them back in, right side up can rehydrate them and keep them alive. Copper is lethal to any snail you introduce to your tank so you should be mindful of what’s in your water. Copper will also be in many medications and treatment for your fish so make sure to read labels or tell those your seeking advice from that you have snails. Never release your snails into the sewer system or bodies of water as they can be harmful to other ecosystems.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review