Potted Radican Sword Plant

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Lighting: Moderate
Placement: Mid-ground
Water Conditions: 72-82° F, KH 3-8, pH 6.5-7.5
Propagation: Adventitious Plants, Seeds
Max. Size: 1' 8"
Color Form: Green
Supplements: High Quality Aquarium Fertilizer
Origin: Farm Raised, USA
Family: Alismataceae

Radican Sword, Echinodorus cordifolius, is also known by the names Texas Mudbaby and Honduras Radican. The Radican Sword is easier to care for compared to some of the other sword plants. Unlike other Swords, E.cordifolius has an average growth rate and typically finds itself as a centerpiece plant. The aquarium conditions for Swords should be slightly acidic with soft water. Reproduction can be a slow process with the Sword plants. Typically it is accomplished by enlarging the rhizome "root", however adventitious shoots growing off of the main plant is another tactic for propagation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review