Newcomer Packet: A Guide for Newcomers

28th Jul 2019

Newcomer Packet

A Guide for Newcomers

The freshwater aquarium invertebrate hobby is a fast growing hobby and more aquarists are venturing into keeping freshwater invertebrates. This newcomer guide is meant to point beginners to some of the articles and information on the website that can help when first starting out. A lot of newcomers have asked for this type of guide so here it is.

Site & Forum Search

This is one of the first places a newcomer should go especially when trying to answer a specific question. This is a great tool for all hobbyists, especially newcomers. You can find the search at the top right of the page.

Species Information Pages

The left column of each page on the main website has a list of either shrimp, crayfish, snail or aegla species information. For the most part the common names are used for the list of species but you will find the scientific names in each page. Holding the mouse over each name will create a small pop-up window with a photo and brief description of the page. You can also visit the Shrimp Species Information Page, Crayfish Species Information Pageor Snail Species Information Page for a list with photos of each species.


There many different articles on the website which can help newcomers. Each article goes into depth on a particular subject and there are several subjects specifically meant for newcomers. Here are a list with link to some of the articles with a brief explanation:

Acclimating New Shrimp: This is a great article for newcomers who are about to receive shrimp for the first time or even for future shipments. Acclimating newly arrived shrimp is very important for many reasons and this article goes into depth on a great method of doing so. Highly recommended for newcomers.

Aquatic Inverts: An Overview: This is an article explaining most of the invertebrates that you will find in the freshwater aquarium invertebrate hobby. This is a great article for the newcomer.

Ferts & Shrimp: Is it safe?: A lot of newcomers venture from other parts of the freshwater aquarium hobby including planted aquariums. A lot of planted aquarium hobbyists dose fertilizers as well as CO2 in their tanks. One of the most common questions is whether or not it is safe to dose fertilizers with shrimp. This is an article outlining one particular experience with fertilizers and shrimp. A great article for planted tank newcomers.

For the Newcomer: Starting: The title basically explains the article itself. It is a brief article outlining some of the basics that the newcomer should know. Briefly explains the equipment, acclimation, purchasing and safe tankmates.

Safe Tankmates for Shrimp: This article is a pretty brief explanation on what tankmates are safe for shrimp. Do not be surprised how few freshwater fish are safe with shrimp.

Setting up a Shrimp Tank: This is a great article for newcomers. A lot of newcomers eventually start with a new shrimp aquarium or at some point start a new tank for their shrimp. This article outlines many of the things a newcomer should know when setting up a tank. Written by two different breeders. Definitely check this out.

Shrimp Myths vs. Truth: There are numerous different myths, rumors and outright falsehoods in the shrimp hobby. This is due to the relative infancy of the hobby itself as well as other reasons. It is highly recommended that any newcomer check out this article.

Shrimp Reproduction: This is a great article for the newcomer. It outlines most of the basics as far as shrimp reproduction. It helps to explain the reproduction process as well as how to sex the shrimp. Highly recommended for newcomers.

So you want to raise Shrimp?: This is another article written specifically for the newcomer. It is more of an editorial but is great for the newcomer. It answers many of the same questions that other beginner articles answer but is a great read. Definitely recommended.

Will These Shrimp Interbreed?: Very simple article yet an extremely important article for all hobbyists. Putting the wrong species of shrimp together in the same tank can be disasterous. It is an absolute must that all newcomers read this article.

Why Shrimp? An Editorial: Another editorial for the newcomer basically questioning why the hobby is so interesting and why we all enjoy it. Recommended that all hobbyists check it out, newcomer or not.

Planet Inverts Forum

This website has many different articles as well as a forum that can help newcomers starting off in the hobby. The Planet Inverts Forum is a great start for newcomers. The forum has a lot of great information as well as existing discussions that can help. Another benefit that the forum provides is that it is a platform to ask questions that any newcomer may have. It is highly recommended that when first starting out you visit the forum. Search the forum first for any questions that may have already been asked and answered. Also feel free to post your questions or ask for advice on problems you may have encountered.


The Planet Inverts Sitemap is another great way for the newcomer find the information they want. It is a very simple outline of most of the entire website including the forum sections. Use the sitemap to your advantage.