Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis wild-type and color morphs

28th Jul 2019

Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis wild-type and color morphs

Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensiswild-type is typically a brown/greyish colored species. Breeding and caring is much like that for other Neocaridina species. They prefer slightly alkaline to medium-hard water but are like other Neocaridina species in that they are easily adaptable to various conditions. Temperature can range from 5 to 30°C (41F to 86F). Make sure that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water if the water is warm.

Breeding occurs about once every 2 months, they carry the eggs for about 3 weeks. Generation time is about 3-5 months, depending on the temperature. There will be no breeding if the temperature is too low(<15°C).

Do not mix with other Neocaridina unless you want to hybridize them, mixing with any other non-Neocaridina is fine. Neocaridina cf. Zhangjiajiensisis also well known to be extremely variable in color. There are several color morphs bred from the wild-type and additional color morphs will surely follow in the next years.

The most well established color morph is called the Snowball Shrimp. It is a white color morph with a white-translucent body and white eggs.

There is another quite new color morph, the Blue Pearl Shrimp, that is light-blue in color and has brown eggs. However that color morph can change color quickly, if depending on water conditions or if berried for example. It can have various degrees of blueish, whiteish and yellowish. That color morph is blue on a genetical basis, do not mix it up with the imported blue Neocaridina that are blue for some unknown reason, but will not have blue offspring.

Other color morphs breeders are working on but are not available yet are: amber (dark yellow), green, orange, and red.

The Neocaridina cf. Zhangjiajiensisand its color morphs are very hardy and prolific, comparable to the Red Cherry Shrimp. Given some years time they will surely become as widely available and common to the hobby as the Red Cherry Shrimp. Neocaridina’s in all colors of the rainbow, what a great thing it will be!

By Andy

Wild Type

White Color Morph (Snowball Shrimp)

Blue Color Morph (Blue Pearl Shrimp)

Amber Morph