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Newcomer Packet: A Guide for Newcomers

28th Jul 2019

Newcomer PacketA Guide for NewcomersThe freshwater aquarium invertebrate hobby is a fast growing hobby and more aquarists are venturing into keeping freshwater invertebrates. This newcomer guide is me … read more

Natural or Artificially Colored?

28th Jul 2019

Natural or Artificially Colored?by: Bill Southern01.27.08Sometime back Ben made a post about a couple types of natural foods that were designed to enhance the coloring of shrimp, fish, etc. To make a … read more

​ Low Tech Macro Photography

28th Jul 2019

Low Tech Macro Photographyby: Bunnith Thok (USA)Taking the perfect shrimp picture can be a daunting task. They're small, fast and never seem to be cooperative during photo shoots. The job at hand only … read more