​ The Sulawesi Expedition | December 2007

28th Jul 2019

The Sulawesi Expedition | December 2007

Sulawesi Expedition to Indonesia

December 2007

First off, many thanks to Mimbon Aquarium in Germany and all of those who helped bring these shrimp into the hobby! What a great addition. The trip was planned in November 2007 and in December 2007 they arrived in Sulawesi Indonesia in search of new freshwater species of all kinds, shrimp, crabs, fish, etc.

Mimbon Aquarium was the first to bring back these species to Germany for the aquarium hobby. Soon enough these creatures will be widely available. As more information on the expedition is provided I will update this page. So far these are only photos that I can share. Please go here for information on the shrimps that were discovered included photos of each.

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Photos of the landscape.

Beautiful scenary with trees, streams, small islands, and mountainous backgrounds. This must be incredible to experience in person.

A small island in the lake. Even though it is an island it appears to have a nice variety of plant life including trees, shrubs, and grass.

A nice photo showing the blue coloration of the lake water., There is also a nice sloped hill which leads down to the shorline. I am sure the rainfall from this hill feeds the lake frequently. There also appears to be an open field on the left side of the photo. May or may not be man made.

A close up shot of a shoreline. This looks very similar to a mangrove dotted shoreline. I have inspected the photos carefully and have not seen any mangrove trees. Everglades National Park in Florida has almost identical shorelines with mangroves overhanging the water. Mangroves could live in this freshwater lake. Mangroves do not need saltwater in order to live, they can live in pure freshwater as well.

This appears to be a tributary to one of the lakes. You can see a small raft tied to the shore on the left side of the photo. If you look closely you can see the current of the water off the top right corner of the raft, indicating that the water is moving towards the photographer. The rope is also stretched away from the shoreline which confirms this. The mountain in the background could be the source of the water which flows into the lake.

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Underwater Photos

The following photos are of the underwater habitat in the lake. The water is very clear as you can see. The rocks and grass combined with a grey colored substrate make a really nice contrast. If you wish to set up a biotope here are the photos to start with. The scenery underwater closely resembles that of a saltwater shoreline/reef, with the clear visibility making it very similar. The natural roots of the trees underneath the water is beautiful.

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Collected specimens.

Very interesting creatures were collected, here are a few. There appears to be fish, crabs, and of course shrimp that were collected. Every specimen featured in these photos is definitely something I would love to have in an aquarium.

Photos personally permitted for use here by Mimbon Aquarium.