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USA bred shrimp

20th Oct 2020

Dont forget that when you're buying through us, you're not only supporting a small family run business, but you're supporting a business who only supports USA breeders of the highest quality! We don't … read more

Shipping 10-17-20

17th Oct 2020

with election time coming closer and an increase in mail running through the post office, we will hold off on shipping priority mail to the west coast on Wednesday. That means west coast priority mail … read more

Problems being fixed

31st Jul 2019

It's come to my attenion some of the pictures on the blog are not loading and says can't be reached. The planet inverts problem will be fixed shortly! The photos however will take me … read more

​ Disclaimer

28th Jul 2019

DisclaimerAll Photos on this page are protected by copyright and should not be reproduced with any alterations whatsoever. If you wish to use any of these photos you must leave them unaltered and prov … read more

Why Shrimp?

28th Jul 2019

“Why Shrimp?”by: Bunnith T.After bragging about numerous shrimp tanks that I had at home to a coworker, he asked me puzzlingly,"why shrimp?" It was a question inquired with genuine curiosity. The reas … read more