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English name: Orange Sakura

Scientific Name
Neocaridina Heteropoda var. "Orange"

Origin: Selectively bred color mutation of Red Cherry Shrimp.

Size male/female: 0.8 inch / .9 in

Water temperature:68-78F

Water Parameters: pH 6.2 - 7.8

Breeding Rate: High

Behaviour: non-agressive

Difficulty: Easy

These are one of the great new Neocaridina species on the market. Very beautiful shrimp and quite prolific breeders. 

Water Parameters

Generally, almost any habitable tank will suit these shrimp, I personally keep them with OEBTs in a tank that is about 72 degrees with very soft water and a PH of 6.6, I have a friend who keeps them with Cardinal Shrimp at a ph of 8.2 and about 82 degrees and very hard water. They are a versatile and hardy species who can be kept with minimal care. In sub-tropical and tropical areas it is possible to keep them in well established, naturally filtered ponds, provided the water doesn't exceed 85 degrees for extended periods.


About as "plug and play" as shrimp breeding gets, they breed in most water conditions and do so frequently. Once Breeding age is reached a single sexed pair kept in stable water conditions without outside predation of the shrimp fry(babies) could realistically yield hundreds of shrimp within a years time given enough space and food. When purchasing these shrimp for breeding it is wise to purchase at least 8-10 at a time to guarantee at least a couple pairs, additionally 1 shrimp per gallon to start(but at least 8) is a good rule if frequent breeding is desired.

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(9 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great color!

    Posted by Josh on 14th Aug 2019

    This is my first time ordering live shrimp. Originally I bought some orange dwarf shrimp form a local pet store. When I decided to redo my planted tank I went with Alpha Pro breeders. I was wary about the cost including shopping (spent abut $95 on 12 shrimp) but once I saw the the color and that all 12 had arrived alive I was glad I paid extra. They looked just as vibrant in the pictures as they do in my tank! MUCH brighter than the ones I bought at the pet store even the one with the least vibrant orange is still no worse then most the ones form the pet store. Also after just two weeks to of the females are carrying eggs!

    I will definitely do business with you guys again!

  • 5
    Very pleased

    Posted by Jenn in Seattle on 13th May 2018

    I received all the shrimp I ordered and they were all lively and in good health when I got them (after traveling all the way to Seattle, WA!) I had a question before purchasing and my email was answered promptly. I would order from Alpha Pro Breeders again.

  • 5
    Shrimp in the box

    Posted by Mike B on 29th Mar 2015

    As a first time purchaser from Alpha Pro Breeders. I was a little scared if the Shrimp I ordered would still be alive. But after I read the other reviews I thought what the heck. The Shrimp arrived on time and all where alive and well. Now I just have to keep them alive in the tank after 4 days. Their are only two shrimp in the tank.

  • 5
    Beautiful Healthy Shrimp

    Posted by Pam Kiger on 27th Nov 2013

    I just received my order about 5 days ago. All arrived alive. These are my first shrimp and I'm so glad I choose these and Alpha. They are beautiful and acclimated well. Their color is even more impressive in person. I did lose one a few days ago, but to put that in perspective, he was the only one that seemed to have any difficulty at all from the shipping. (They were very well packaged!) Another has already molted and all are active and healthy. These are large dwarf shrimp and I find myself spending a lot of time hanging out and watching them. I'm starting another tank cycling in preparation for my next order. I will definitely be picking my next ones from my wish list on this site. I also appreciate the quick personal response to email questions. If you are nervous about ordering from here, don't be. They are fantastic to deal with. Thank You for a great first experience!

  • 5
    Orange Sakuras

    Posted by Tj on 18th Nov 2013

    Everyone arrived alive & looking great. Thanks Ron!

  • 4
    Lovely Orange Sakuras

    Posted by Ananda Patterson on 22nd Sep 2013

    These guys are beautiful and those that made it are happily acclimated to the tank. I would guess that these guys may be a little less tough than cherries or Taiwan fire reds, because the fire reds all came through with no signs of stress, whereas these orange sakuras took a hit. Unfortunately, I chose 2 day shipping and I think that was a mistake. They arrived on time, but one was dead and one was near death (lying on his back feebly kicking throughout the slow acclimation). I put some Prime in the acclimation bowl and he perked up quite a bit, enough to walk around and keep upright, but did not last out the next couple of days -- he was just too stressed by the shipping. Next time I will definitely pay for overnight for anything other than cherries. Aside from my mistake in choosing the slower shipping, these are great shrimp, all but one showing very nice color despite being young and all actively foraging in their tank. The dull colored one is very young, so I imagine he will brighten up with time.

  • 4
    Orange Sakura

    Posted by Paul on 20th May 2013

    They seemed to have a rough time in transit (well packaged though). Thankfully they were mostly younger shrimp and 10/11 survived. They were transparent at first, but over the past two weeks have colored up well.

    I expect they'll have the nice orange hue settle in as they mature and acclimate to their new home. It's always been my experience in the past that Ron has high quality shrimp.

  • 5
    Happy and healthy

    Posted by Randi Bellantoni on 11th May 2013

    Color is amazing love these little guys a nice addition to my tank

  • 5
    Great colors!

    Posted by Brad on 11th Apr 2012

    These are great looking shrimp! Nice pop of color! Already swimming around like crazy