Neolamprologus Brichardi

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NeoLamprologus Bricharior also known as the Princess Cichlid is a cichlid found in Lake Tanganyika around East Africa. This cichlid is can be 3-5 inches in length when mature and is one of the more popular African cichlids because of their interesting behavior.  N. brichardi has been observed in schools numbering in the thousands!!! This species utilizes a group effort of rearing their young, it’s called collective nursery. They can care for their own fry and the fry in their area as well.
Although many cichlids in Africa are mouthbrooders, N. brichardi is a substratum spawning cichlid, which means it lays its eggs on a hard surface. This cichlid is known under a few different common names such as the Fairy cichlid and the Princess cichlid. In the aquarium this species will accept a wide assortment of prepared cichlid foods like pellets, flakes and freeze dried foods. In the wild they are carnivorous feeding on crustaceans and invertebrates. 
These are usa bred brichardi. Extremely healthy and beautiful fish that are sure to impress! 1"-1.5"

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    Very nice fish

    Posted by Rhonda Bailey on 11th Jul 2020

    This was the first time I have ordered fish on line. I was very surprised that they were in such great health.