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MicroCcrabs, Limnopilos naiyanetri are often called spider crabs. These crabs come from a river in Thailand and live their whole life underwater. They are small crabs and only get a 1/2" inch in size, and are quite peaceful. Many people keep them with shrimp without incident. We feed them tropical fish food alond with a variety of frozen foods. They are really interesting inhabitants in your tank that are truly fun to watch.




(18 reviews) Write a Review

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    micro friends

    Posted by frank on 31st May 2015

    these little guys are fun to watch,once you find them in your tank.they dont go very far but like to hang out around plants and caves.they are cool.

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    Love this Shop!!

    Posted by Tiffani on 20th May 2015

    I purchased a Blue Bolt shrimp, a couple other shrimp that I can't remember the name of(resemble large Ghost Shrimp) and 4 Thai Micro Crabs. These fellas are VERY healthy. The Thai crabs are very comical to watch, if you can coax them from their hidey-holes :). It just so happens that shortly after getting all of these guys, I was forced to do a full water change(I know that's a no-no) due to a toddler dumping a whole jar of salt in the tank. Well, all 4 crabs, all 3 shrimp, and the blue crayfish survived this, and I believe it's partly due to how they were bred, raised, and cared for. These breeders know their stuff! I'll definately buy all my inverts from them from here on out.

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    Shy, but neat little guys.

    Posted by Fornax on 9th Feb 2015

    Bought two of these to put in a small desktop aquarium with some Crystal Red Shrimp, just to see what they're like. I gambled on two-day shipping despite the cold weather. Thought I had made a big mistake... they arrived quite cold, and both were curled up and not moving.

    I went ahead and started acclimating them anyway, and after they warmed up a bit I started seeing signs of life. Due to a circus-worthy comedy of errors, they got temperature-acclimated, but not water-acclimated, and had to be unceremoniously dumped into their new tank. They both immediately disappeared. I saw one of them briefly later that day, but after that, nothing.

    About a week and a half later, I came in to find one of them slowly exploring part of the tank. Later on I noticed that he had crawled into the folds of a piece of blanched kale I had put in there. Since then (about another week), I've spotted him every day. He disappears for a while sometimes, but is visible as often as not.

    I wasn't sure of the fate of the second one until yesterday. I spotted him deep in a crevice of the driftwood. I haven't seen him move, but he doesn't look dead. Kind of impressed that these guys survived, as badly as I handled them (the shrimp haven't fared as well).

    They're unique little guys. Not particularly colorful, but neat looking (if you're not an arachnophobe... I can definitely see a comparison to a spider). Fairly slow moving; intermittently active. One approached a shrimp once, but the shrimp just sort of warily backed off a pace. I think the crab was just heading back to the driftwood. That's where he is now, just sitting near the top pondering life.

    Keeping them in a Fluval Spec (2 gallons) with the remaining aforementioned CRS and some live plants (Christmas or Java moss wall, a small anubias, a moss ball, and a wisteria cutting). Using distilled water with Saltyshrimp Bee Shrimp GH+, Seachem Alkaline and Acid Buffers added; not adding anything special for the plants. KH 2, GH 6, pH has been fluctuating a bit for me, unfortunately (6.6-7.4)... still working on that, but aiming for 6.6-6.8. Feeding Hikari Shrimp Cuisine (saw one pick up a piece once), and occasional bits of blanched veg.

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    8 legged bundles of awesome

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jan 2015

    I received 4 crabs, got them acclimated, then put them in their new home. One was missing a leg and a pincer and died fairly quickly, but I was expecting some loss. The other the are flourishing. They ship out quickly and are packed carefully. I would, and will, do business again!

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    great crabs

    Posted by nick coons on 24th Jan 2015

    I bought 8 and they all made it safe and sound in the winter season so don't think these guys can handle a order during the winter cause they can trust me.

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    great and fast / très bon et rapide

    Posted by Alexandre Ferraris on 20th Jan 2015

    J'ai acheté 7 micro crabes
    Se sont une très belle espèce a ajouter a une aquarium.
    alpha pro breeders sont très professionnelle et mon aider avec toutes mes questions.
    Livraison rapide.


    I bought 7 of these micro crabs
    These crabs are a great addition to a tank.
    alpha pro breeders are very professional and very helpful with my questions.


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    Kick arse

    Posted by Michael Gutierrez on 17th Aug 2014

    Make sure to buy at least 10 for a 20G (maybe more??). I bought 2 and wish I went with the 10 pack. Will be correcting issue soon.

    I'm no expert, but these guys seem to travel really well. So small maybe they are oblivious to the movement.

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    Healthy, Lively Invets

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Aug 2014

    All arrived healthy and remained healthy,

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    Always Great!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2014

    This the second time i order these little guys, and I am not disappointed. They are small, and at times difficult to spot. They adjusted fairly quickly and immediately started eating. Thanks again for the fast shipping!