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 Scientific Name : Pangio kuhlii

Other Common Names : Kuhli Loach, Coolie loach, Prickly eye, Slimy loach, Leopard eel

Care Level : Easy-Medium, tank needs to be well covered so it can't squeeze out

Size : 3 - 4.5 inches (8-11 cm)

pH : 6 - 7

Temperature : 75°F - 85°F (24°C - 29°C)

Water Hardness : medium soft to medium

Origin / Habitat : Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sarawak

Lifespan : approximately 10 years in well kept conditions.

Temperament / Behavior : Peaceful; most active at dusk; feeds at night, hides during the day

Breeding : Breeding the Kuhli Loach can be difficult in the home aquarium. The eggs buried beneath the surface and stuck to plant roots. Most breeding is done by accident  when many coolies are put into a tank and they mate by themselves. The best way to breed them is to get a bunch of them and get a tank with an under gravel filter and leave only coolies in the tank and leave it alone for a few weeks, while still doing the regular maintenance.

Compatible Tank Mates : Many due to peaceful nature. Just don't keep with fish big enough to eat them. They prefer to be kept in schools of 3 or more.

Diet / Fish Food : Scavenger, sinking food pellets preferred, live foods

Tank Region : Bottom dweller

Gender : Female coolie loach may be more plump when ready to breed


The Kuhli loach, also commonly known as Coolie loach, comes from the Tropical waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Java and surrounding areas. The Kuhli Loach is eel shaped. Its body colorings are a kind of salmon-pink/yellow with dark brown to black stripes that half circles the body. The stomach is a sort of a whitish colour. The eyes on the Kuhli Loach are set in one of the stripes and therefore not easily seen. The mouth is set at a downward angle and with 3 pairs of bushy barbels adorning it; it looks like it has an obstinate little moustache. Its fins are translucent.

This rather pretty little loach is fairly easy to care for in the home aquarium, needing water that is medium-soft to medium and pH around  6.0 to 7.0. It has been known, however, for them to adapt to most water conditions. Its region in the tank is the bottom where it browses for food. The temperature should be 75 - 85 F

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    they look cool

    Posted by Joey Perina on 5th Sep 2015

    All 4 that I ordered look health. Hard to find in my tank they are so small. Has been a couple of days only cant find one. cant wait till they get bigger. thanks Ron for taking good care of them