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Vallisneria Spiralis is an excellent plant for beginners or some one who's looking for an easy growing plant  , it grows under any light or water conditions.



This plant is very low demand and doesn't require CO2 or fertilisers, the fish waste is enough as a fertiliser, but if you add CO2 and fertiliser it will grow better ( DIY CO2 is more than enough for this plant, I tried it and it works very well). Growth is also really fast.


The leaves are also narrow so they do not overshadow smaller plants. Forms runners easily, and is thus easy to propagate.

Scientific Name: Vallisneria spiralis
Common Names: Tape Grass, Italian Vallisneria Family: Hydrocharitaceae Origin: Tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide Care Level: Very Easy Tank Placement: Background Substrate: Gravel/Sand Lighting : Low/Medium
Size: 2ft (60cm) Growth Rate : Fast Temperature: 60-85°F (24-29°C)
pH Level: 6-8


(No reviews yet) Write a Review