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English name: Golden Bee Shrimp

Scientific name:

Caridina cf. cantonensis

sp. "Golden Bee"

Origin: Mutation of bee shrimp

Size male/female: 1 inch / 1.2 in

Water temperature: 64 - 78 °F

Water Parameters: pH 6.5 - 7.5

Breeding Rate: high

Behaviour: non-agressive

Difficulty: easy - medium

The Golden Bee Shrimp is quite an interesting shrimp. Some may call it a "Golden Crystal Red Shrimp," "Snow White Crystal Red Shrimp" or "All-White Crystal Red Shrimp", but I like to call it a Golden Bee Shrimp. It is a very nice shrimp to keep and very cool in person.


Breeding the Golden Bee Shrimp is just like breeding the Crystal Red Shrimp. The Golden Bee Shrimp can breed just as readily as most other Caridina species. This species will have brown colored eggs when pregnant. It will produce just as many offspring given that the water is clean and the parameters are suited for this species. It is reported that the Golden Bee Shrimp will interbreed with the Crystal Red Shrimp. Some breeders put both species together in the hopes of making the Crystal Red Shrimp breed a higher grade. 

Water Parameters

The Golden Bee Shrimp, just like the Crystal Red Shrimp, prefers soft acidic water. Clean water is also a must as with all shrimp in the hobby. Temperature should be lower than 80F and the pH should range from 6.2 to 6.8, gH should be between 4-6 and kH should be between 1-2. It is very important that the Golden Bee Shrimp be housed in specific conditions. Extremes in either water parameters mentioned should be avoided.

Golden Bee Shrimp QTY 10 

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  • 5
    Great shrimps

    Posted by Janet on 3rd Apr 2013

    I order 4 different kinds of shrimps (chocolate sakuras, CRS/CBS, Royal Blues and GBS with this order and I did have 2 DOA from the GBS... But I also had a surprise of 2 extra shrimps from Ron for the royal blue and CRS/CBS it compensated for my lose by far .... I'm super happy and will order again from Alphaprobreeders !!! Thank you soooooo much :o)

  • 5
    Very high quality shrimp

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2013

    Very good communication, fast shipping, and no DOA. Shrimp are very white and in the upper tier of grading. Packaged very nicely. Would be happy to order again.