ElectElectric Blue Crayfish Babies Quantity 2

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2 Electric Blue Crayfishb babies. These are very small, approximately 1" but grow very fast.

Procambarus Allenii

very cool looking Crayfish, loves tunnels and caves in your set up.


Origin: USA
Max body size: 5"
Keeping: You can keep 1 pair in an aquarium of 24"x12"cm. Bigger tanks allow for a greater number of individuals. A wide range of pH and GH is possible as long as one avoids the extremes. Very tolerant to a wide range of water conditions and quality. You can literally breed them in plastic buckets.
Behaviour: like most crayfish these are omnivorous and will eat your plants Make sure to provide enough room if you keep several specimens, if not they will reduce their numbers with each molt.
How to tell apart males from females: As usual
Breeding: As usual. Make sure to provide enough room and food for the fry. Cannibalism begins to get extreme with 1-2 inches if too crowded.
spread: blue type: common white and wild type: rare
remark: The wild type is brown, there is a blue and a white color morph. If you breed white with you you get pale blue crayfish in the F1



(No reviews yet) Write a Review