Cryptocoryne Lutea potted

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Family - Araceae

  • Genus - Cryptocoryne
  • Distribution - Sri Lanka
  • Plant Type - rhizome
  • Light Requirements - medium
  • Placement - midground
  • Hardiness/Difficulty - moderate
  • This species of Cryptocoryne makes a great specimen plant or can be set in rows to create a great effect in the aquarium. It will display small bronzed leaves and is quite a hardy specimen to keep. They will require fertilisers in the substrate until the root system is fully developed but after that they are virtually maintenance free. Like all of the Cryptocoryne species, they do not like being moved once settled into the aquarium and doing this can bring about the infamous “Crypt melt”. The do take a while to establish when first planted but when they have been in the tank for a few weeks they will grow happily.

    In their natural habitat they are actually a plant that are found in marshy areas and river banks, even flooded woodland areas so they naturally grow emersed but are just as happy to grow submerged if given the correct conditions. Adding them to an aquarium is with a neutral pH is ideal for this plant but they will tolerate slightly acidic or slightly alkaline conditions. They will also grow under softer lighting but the growth will be slower than if under brighter lighting conditions.

  • This plant will propagate itself by sending out runners from the mother plant. After a while, miniature plants will appear on the runners and these will soon develop roots. At this stage, the runner can be separated from the mother plant and the individual plants can be removed from the runner. They can now be placed in different placements in the aquarium. You will need to be patient with this plant as it can take a few months after the initial planting before any runners appear, once well and truly established though, many plants can be obtained from the mother plant



(No reviews yet) Write a Review