Cobalt Goldfish Color Flakes 1.2 Oz

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Cobalt Aquatics Goldfish Color premium fish food takes feeding fish into the 21st century.Formulated for specific diet requirements of all goldfish. Nutritionally balanced for beautiful color, consistent growth and palatability.. Enhanced with Probiotics and Cobalt Blue Flake's triple vitamin dose and immunostimulants. Will not cloud water. Each formula also includes the signature Cobalt BLUE flake that is super-packed with immunostimulants and a triple-vitamin boost which helps the fish fight off disease and helps to keep in top shape and color. The scientific advancements of probiotics and vitamins, coupled with a solid nutritional base and the addition of the immunostimulants, makes Cobalt flake foods the most advanced nutrition available! GUARANTEED ANALYSIS CRUDE PROTEIN- MIN 43% CRUDE FAT- MIN 10% CRUDE FIBER- MIN 4.0% PHOSPHORUS- MIN 1.0% MOISTURE- MAX 5.0% MICROORGANISMS AT TIME OF MANUFACTURE- MIN 1,000,000 CFU/g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review