Borneo Wild Balance

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Product Overview

The Balance is a substrate additive containing Tourmaline and more then 60 other types of trace elements and compounds. It improves the substrate environment, promotes beneficial bacteria activities and at the same time mineralizes the substrate.

When added to the water directly, Balance replenishes minerals and trace elements and is also capable for removing nitrogen compounds, glycerine, organic carbon, free radicals and heavy metals. It also improves health and growth rate of organism.

Benefits and Functions:

  • Provides a concentrated essential mineral base to the substrate layer as well as water column
  • Promotes bacterial activities in substrate, water and filter system.
  • Improving water quality by removing toxic such as heavy metal and free radicals.


Using Balance:
1) Use in New Planted Aquarium Set Up Apply Balance evenly to the base layer of the tank before filling up with soil. Use 1 bottle for a 90cm aquarium.
2) Use in Aquarium Maintenance Add about 1g to 100-200L of water weekly. Mix well with aquarium water before applying. You will notice that the water will turn cloudy initially but will result in much cleaner and clearer water in a few hours.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review