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 English name: Bloody Mary

Scientific nameNeocaridina Davidii "red"


Size male/female: 0.8 inch / 1 in

Water temperature: 64 - 82 �F

Water Parameters: pH 6.5 - 8.0

Breeding Rate: very high

Behaviour: non-agressive

Difficulty: very easy

Very rare and beautiful neo-cardinia shrimp. Care is the same as a cherry shrimp and should be just as prolific.

 I have kept them in a pH range from 6.0 to 8.0, soft and hard water, temperatures from 72F to 84F and in many different soils like ADA Aquasoil and normal gravel. It is common knowledge that the Bloody Mary Shrimp can live in almost any freshwater aquarium given that the tank is habitable and does not contain predators of course. Some have even reported putting them in ponds and in filterless tanks which I dont recommend however. In other words, the Bloody Mary Shrimp is one of the hardiest shrimp in the freshwater aquarium shrimp hobby today.

Bloody Mary shrimp are different from fire red shrimp as their body tissue is red along with their shell. These are small between 1/4" to 1/2"


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(7 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Bloody Mary

    Posted by Paul on 12th Dec 2019

    Well packaged and arrived healthy. Unlike other shrimp that need to color up upon arrival, these actually need to lighten a bit! They are a very deep red , nearly black. Their colors are different than other reds and as they age and settle should come through. They do seem to be very nice shrimp and will look beautiful once their color settles.

  • 5
    Totally happy!

    Posted by Mark M on 2nd May 2019

    The bloody Mary shrimp I received had great color. I got some from another online shop that just didn't compare. Email communication has been great too. This will be my go to place.

  • 5
    Beautiful Red

    Posted by Mary Ann on 8th Nov 2014

    Shrimp arrived lively and beautiful. Hope to have some babies in the near future. Thanks for being a trusted resource.

  • 5
    Zoom Zoom

    Posted by Mike on 7th Apr 2014

    Very healthy and beautiful. I received several adults and expect to have some berried soon. They are zooming all over the tank, kinda like helicopters. Very fun to watch!

  • 5
    Something special!

    Posted by Ryan on 6th Mar 2014

    These shrimp are nothing short of magnificent. If there is a grading system on these, i would have to say these are high. Well worth the money, I hope they do well! Thanks Ron!!

  • 5
    very different, very beautiful

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2014

    Deep blood red throughout, without the slightly waxy appearance of Sakura red cherry. More like a cardinal shrimp red. In my eyes the most beautiful of the various RCS strains. Arrived healthy, even when the weather outside was in the 50s. Thanks Alpha pro!

  • 5

    Posted by KC on 19th Jan 2014

    These are the real deal and one of the few, if not only, places in the US that you can currently get them. No DOA's and I none have died in my tank. I did a very slow drip acclimation because I do not have the RO water that they were used to. I can't really explain the's almost like a painted fire red crossed with a wine red. The rostum is shorter than that of the more common cherries, sakuras, fires and pfr's and is one of the ways you can tell they are not "knock-offs".