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Assassin Snail  (Anentome helena)

Assassin Snails are known to be extremely active,
Assassins  will eat on average 1 snail a day, half of their size

They need protein in their diet, if they eat all of your unwanted snails you will need to feed them a meaty diet like frozen bloodworms. If fed well they can lay from 2 to 15 eggs at a time that will taker about a month to hatch.

If you have dead shrimp or one that is dyeing you will probably see the snail feeding on them, this is just a naturall process.


(13 reviews) Write a Review

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    awesome snails!

    Posted by Alexis on 6th Nov 2017

    I bought four of these for a really bad snail infestation in my mom's 10 gallon baby/plant tank. They arrived alive but a little lethargic, but once they got acclimated, they got right to work. I'm seeing more and more empty snail shells (there were hundreds and hundreds of the little suckers) One of them seems to have disappeared unfortunately. There's no empty shell so he's either hiding or he escaped! Shipping note: I had these shipped with the cheapest shipping option - USPS first class, I think.

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    Great snails!

    Posted by Shay on 2nd Aug 2015

    I ordered two of these guys for my ten gallon tank that has been increasingly infested with pond snails and they are doing a great job so far getting rid of the baby snails.

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    Assassin Snails

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2015

    I ordered 2 sets of 4 snails, and only 1 of them arrived DOA. All snails have been healthy and are doing great! Cleared out a large snail infestation from some new plants in about 2 weeks in a 10g tank.

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    Shy Assassins

    Posted by Zoltan Hajdu on 28th Oct 2014

    I have ordered three of these guys to fight the pond snails and ramshorn snails in my 5.5 gallon tank. They have arrived fast and alive. I was concerned about their acclimation a little bit, because they have arrived in a bag with a wet paper in it - so my regular drip method wouldn't worked. Just placed the wet paper with the snails on a driftwood which is hanging out the water and let them get into the water by themselves - it happened very quickly! Since then there was no time point to see all three of them in the same time (heavy planted tank). I always see one rushing somewhere, although not the same one. I did found two empty pond snail shells - so it seems that everything is working properly. Thanks Ron!

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    Assassian Snails...

    Posted by WAC on 7th Apr 2014

    Exactly what I ordered. Fast shipping. Great price. Very healthy snails. Good stuff. Thank you!!

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    Assassian Snail

    Posted by Thomas Graham on 15th Mar 2014

    Fast shipping and very healthy product! these guys are great!

  • 5
    These are not slackers!

    Posted by CHRIS MORRISON on 6th Feb 2014

    Shipped on Monday and arrived on Thursday with snow on the ground. Temp was 19 degrees F.

    These little guys were doing a job on my snail infestation within an hour.

    They were adequately packed for their frigid journey. Alpha Pro is the place to shop!

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    Recieved two DOA

    Posted by James on 5th Jan 2014

    Shrimp arrive DOA. Ron said to give them up to two days to revive, but no luck.

  • 5

    Posted by Jenn on 25th Jul 2013

    Got 2 assassin snails approx 2 weeks ago. They arrived prompt and alive and are still thriving and doing their job. Caught one eating a MTS the night I got them. I will definitely use alpha pro breeders again.