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English Name: Blue Steel

Scientific Name: Caridina cf Cantonesis

Origin: Mutation of Blue Bolt and Taiwan bee 

Size: .8 inches to 1.2 inches 

Water Temperature: Degrees Fahrenheit 64 to 78 

Water Parameters: Ph 5.5-7.2

Breeding Rate: Medium

Behavior: Non Aggressive 

Difficulty: Medium 

If you're looking for the latest and the greatest shrimp out there, then look no further than The Blue Steel. It's really hard to put into words the colors these shrimp produce. By far my favorite tank in my shrimp room!

Introducing Alpha Pro Breeders Blue steel line. I have made this line over the last 5 years Using all USA BRED SHRIMP. The original colony included: Black King Kong, Red Bolt, Blue Bolt, Blue Mosura and Blue Panda. Since all of the lines have been bred here at APB over the last 17 years I've been able to slowly elevate the Ph they can withstand. 

Water has to be very soft for this caridinia species  (low kH 1-3 and low GH 3-6) Ph is currently 7.0. 

Temperature has to be constant all year long - around 70 - 78 F (which is around 21 – 26 C). This tends to be “the” major problem in the summer time, so a cooling fan or chiller is needed to cool down your aquarium.  A cooling fan set at a low power setting is sufficient enough to cool down a 20 gallon long tank as long as it is blowing on top of the water within the aquarium.  Just make sure to top off the water that is being evaporated away from the fan.  Higher grade CRS/Black Bee shrimp are super temperature sensitive. 

Do not feed these shrimps a high protein diet food.  Around 30% to 35% (sometimes around 40%) is perfect.  The food with lots of iron and minerals is the best as it helps to bring out their color.  I tend to only use spinach once a week or once every other week.  If spinach is used, please make sure the spinach is organic (no pesticides or insecticides whatsoever) and use only baby spinach leaves.  This is very important because “normal” spinach that is sold out there have been sprayed with either/both of these chemicals, pesticides or insecticides.  Just by using hand washing on the leaves under running tap water is not enough to remove it since these chemicals contains wax-like substances to make sure the chemicals stay on the leaves even when it rains.  So to insure safety for your shrimps, try to stick with organic vegetables.


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    Blue steel

    Posted by Giancarlo Girondo on 31st May 2020

    Very Beautiful looking Adult shrimp where sent. Only 1 made the trip. 48 hrs later all gone........

    Planet Inverts reply: We have been in email contact and we are sending replacement babies once they are large enough to send out.