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English Name: Blue Mosura

Scientific name: Caridina cf Cantonesis

Maximum Size:
0.8 – 1 inch

Temperature : 64 – 78F

Water Parameters: pH 6.5-7.2

Breeding rate: medium/slow

Behavior: non-aggressive 

Difficulty: Medium

A beautiful line we have worked very hard on here at Alpha Pro Breeders. Extremely happy to finally able to bring these shrimp to our customers!


Blue Mosura can be bred to Blue Pandas, Black King Kongs, Wine Reds, other Panda, Shadow Pandas, Blue Bolt, Mischling, CRS, CBS shrimp, they can also probably mix with other Caridina cantonensis but the results of such mixing (Tigers and Bees ect.) is not readily available. How you breed your Panda shrimp really should depend on your line and the breeder you are dealing with. The tendency of Panda shrimp to be more hardy than other variants of Taiwan bees also means that they can be bred to other Pandas with a much higher chance of success.

Easy to breed in a range of water conditions Several German sites - pH 6 - 7.5, GH 2-10, KH 0-6, 68-75f (20-24 C)


They tend to be picky eaters, but generally it is accepted that blanched spinach and high grade vegetarian shrimp feed is sufficient. A varied diet is a healthy diet. There are also some reports of the benefits of feeding freeze dried copepods as a dietary supplement because the high amounts of calcium and protein and the ease of digestion, this is particularly recommended for the very young. Feeding as with all shrimp should be done in moderation.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review