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Considered one of the best algae eating additions for any aquarium. They are highly sought after by hobbyist and make great additions to any tank. Wont breed with other shrimp as they are kept in fresh water but their young need to slowly be acclimated to salt water. These can be kept in soft or hard water! This is one of the few shrimp we do not breed. My stock comes from a wholesaler. They do breed in my systems, but due to the intricacy of reering the young, we order them. They come in extremely healthy and large! Don't miss out on these algae destroyers!


(12 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Perfect Cleaners

    Posted by Richard Peterson on 30th May 2017

    My five shrimp arrived well packed, active, and healthy. After two weeks they have successfully molted and none have died. They have already made a dent in the algae problem I bought them to help fix.

    I also got a free clump of subwassertang with the amanos, which was a nice addition to my red cherry shrimp tank.

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    Big, healthy shrimp

    Posted by Ann Doggette on 13th Aug 2016

    I've always loved amanos, but when we got them from our big box pet chain, they never survived long. These guys have only been in my tank for about a week, but they are big and active, and I am hoping we'll have them for awhile.

    I get nervous with shipping these guys, but you can tell they are packaged well and with care for their safe transport. Have not been disappointed yet!

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    A fun "crew" that bustles around.

    Posted by Graham Gillies on 18th Apr 2016

    These guys seem to like to be in a group! They bustle around, busily feeding off algae on the leaves of the various plants in my fully planted tank.

    When they take a break, they gather under on of the biggest leaves on my Amazon "Spear" plant; it always looks like they are conducting a meeting.

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    all healthy

    Posted by James Blanchard on 7th Mar 2016

    All alive and healthy a lot bigger then I expected but still very nice colors.

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    great quality, great service

    Posted by J on 23rd Feb 2016

    this was my first order of shrimp and couldn't be happier with the great service(fast shipping , quality packaging and healthy selection. All five arrived alive and ready for acclimation.

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    awesome place to get shrimp

    Posted by Chad on 19th Dec 2015

    I have purchased shrimp from Ron a few times now and have been very impressed every time. Not only do the shrimp always arrive well packaged and alive, even better they have always stayed alive long term. I'm sure there are other places you could get shrimp but I don't know why one would bother when you can get such high quality, healthy shrimp here! Thanks Ron.

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    Great Amano Shrimp

    Posted by Jeffrey Johnston on 7th Jun 2015

    All arrived on time and alive. Shrimp were great and packed very well.

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    Great cleaners

    Posted by Chrys on 9th May 2015

    All 5 arrived alive and very frisky. When I added them to my tank they spent about 30 mins. zipping around all over the place. They have settled down and are constantly cleaning up the debris in the tank. I keep these with several other shrimp and they have not bothered any of them so far.

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    Very Good Buy

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Nov 2014

    I have tried keeping both cherry shrimp and tigers as well as Alpha Pro's Amanos. These were overwhelmingly the most successful. In the last year the cherry shrimp dwindled from 20 to 1 stalwart individual, and the tigers have two remaining of ten. Of five amanos, one died probably of shock after a day or so, but the other four have been both highly active and effective cleaners that have outlasted the other populations. I'm not sure what factors are at work (chemistry seems on point), but if you need good cleaning crew Amanos from Alpha Pro are the ones you want. The five-gallon planted tank they share with some snails and tetras went from a bit of an algae mess to basically spotless in a week and a half and has remained so for months. I supplement algae wafers and shrimp pellets, and they get the leftovers from flake and pellet food from a overflow-linked Gourami tank.